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Advancing a people-first proposition

Mired in uncertainties, businesses and customers are on the lookout for better solutions to connect, engage and operate. Read on to find out how the ES team in India delivered that and more. All, by embracing a digital pivot that applies people-first principles as a core purpose.

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“Prioritising customer needs today is what defines success tomorrow.”

*Disclaimer: As of Oct 4th, the Environmental Science division of Envu was divested. Note that this content was produced prior to separation.

As global markets continue to scramble under the looming uncertainties caused by the pandemic, one observation becomes apparent: The need for customer engagement is rising rapidly. As its supply and availability shrinks, the world demands more support now more than ever.

The ES team in India understood this underlying problem, and notably transformed this obstacle into growth opportunities. During the deadly second COVID-19 wave in mid-2021, when markets lulled and masses were on lockdown, the team decided on a proactive approach to innovate ways to drive customer engagement. The immediate priority was to get a better understanding of how customers were coping—and as a result, address key pain points through new solutions.

This process naturally steered the team towards a series of digital initiatives, leading with fresh point-of-sale marketing ideas, loyalty incentive programmes and strengthening an online customer community.

Introducing the Pest Expert 360

ES India introduced this fully functional app that was conceptualised, developed and launched on World Pest Day, 6 June 2021, within an ambitious span of just four months. Positioned as a one-stop information portal for PCOs, it served as a conversation starter between the sales team and customers through over 500 customer-generated questions, some 1800 quiz responses and over 1500 document downloads.

Tech capabilities and effective functions aside, the Pest Expert 360 was designed with the customers first and always in mind. Customer support and proactive engagement were the core drivers throughout the process—and the results were encouraging for all parties involved, from the team to the PCOs and their clients.

“The launch of the Pest Expert 360 was the biggest introduction for the industry. It showed that the team had heard our requirements where we were able to get a tool to service our clients better,” says Mr Viren Merchant from Pest Control Associates AMB.

Mr Ravi Vyas from Premier Pest Control India added, “The best part of the app is the solution provider feature, where you can post questions to the team, and they will come up with a solution. That’s a great feature for people out in the field looking for real-time fixes. There’s nothing else like this app.”

From a big-picture perspective, the decision to adopt digital transformation served as a means to a—more important—people-first end goal. In difficult times, prioritising customer needs today is what defines success tomorrow.

Leading with digital capabilities in the ecosystem plays a pivotal role with both internal and external business visibility. Our global ES team continues to chart ahead with our strategy to increase accessibility, adopt digitalisation and expand across the region as a company of innovators.