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Imagine spending thousands of dollars constructing an award-winning structure or helping your client build their dream home, only to discover a termite infestation a few years later. With the Envu portfolio of non-repellent termiticides, Agenda® and Premise®, there is flexibility in terms of pre or post construction treatments that are effective for long-term termite control and colony management – ultimately protecting your client’s investment from termite damage.

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Did you know

How much damage can termites do to properties?

It is important to identify the presence of termites early on, as they can cause substantial damage if left untreated. The annual damage is estimated to be US$40 billion globally, while in tropical Southeast Asia alone, it is estimated to be US$400 million.

How often should I conduct inspections for termites?

Property owners are recommended to get a professional inspection at least once a year. However, depending on your environmental conditions, your pest control operator may recommend a more suitable inspection frequency.

What is colony management and why is it important?

Termites are social insects that live in a colony, with castes that serve different roles. Worker termites are responsible for cleaning, grooming and feeding other termites, during which food and fluids are exchanged between colony members.


Envu non-repellent termiticides are formulated to be undetectable among termites, making it highly effective for colony management. Worker termites that ingest or pick up on such termiticides inadvertently pass it on, thereby infecting and destroying the colony.

Why should I engage in pre-construction termite treatment?

The best way to protect your property against termite damage is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Termites can compromise the safety of structures and can be costly to remedy if improper termite control is applied.


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