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Is Agenda or Premise more suitable for me?

A question that our team gets asked regularly is “Which is better? Agenda® or Premise®?”

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There is no ‘better’ termiticide in our non-repellent portfolio. Several factors have to be considered such as soil type, length of protection, budget, structure type, etc before a Pest Control Operator (PCO) offers a treatment plan that is most suitable for the job.

“If you can set and manage your customers’ expectations early on in the process, it will show the home owner you are a professional operator worthy of their business and you will also have the potential for more customers taking your preferred option of treatment.”
Chris Mills, Territory Business Development & Regulatory Affairs, QLD/NT/NZ, Environmental Science Australia & New Zealand, Crop Science, Envu


Benefits & Technical features

  • Premise® and Agenda® belong to the Envu portfolio of non-repellent termiticides.
  • Flexibility in terms of pre or post construction treatments.
  • Unique chemistry provides long-term effective termite control, with colony management.
  • More than 15 years in the market, with proven track record worldwide.

Ideal application

  • Premise® and Agenda® can be applied during pre or post construction; or as a treatment to control termite infestation.
  •  Apply either Premise® or Agenda® as a drench, course spray or liquid soil injection to establish a Treated Zone™ around buildings and other structures

Product comparison

Premise 200 SC


Premise® 200 SC is a non-repellent and systemic insecticide with a unique chemistry that provides effective termite control in buildings and other structures.

Suspension concentrate (SC)

  • Active ingredient: Imidacloprid 18.3% w/w.
  • Minimum 3 years structural protection.
  • No odour.

View the product here.



Agenda® is the only termite solution which provides 5 years structural protection combined with a colony management effect.

Emulsifiable concentrate (EC)*

  • Active ingredient: Fipronil 2.9% w/w.
  • Minimum 5 years structural protection with colony management.
  • Recommended by leading professionals.

View the product here.

*Agenda® 10 SC is only available in Japan and Singapore.

Download this product comparison fact sheet here.

“Read product label first before using as recommended.”, Premise®, Agenda®