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The Ultimate 7-YEARS Termite Protection Program

Agenda® can eliminate termites, it could also protect your home environment



Agenda® remains effective in the soil for 7 years after being applied.

This ensures long-term protection of the structure against further termite attack. The low dose at which it is applied to the soil can minimize impacts on the environment, as such - earthworms, soil microorganisms, or plants living in the treated soil will be protected. 


Agenda®’s Unique Advantages
Agenda® gives the best overall termite effective colony management. Developed by Envu and it has been in the market for more than 15 years, it has proven to be effective in local conditions and globally.


  Low-dose treatment, with no odor.
  Can be applied as pre and post construction treatment.
  Offers dual-mode of termite elimination through ingestion and contact.
Provide "Colony Management" effect.
  Eliminate all species of termites.
  Minimal environmental impact and safe.

Binds strongly to the soil to provide 7-years Termite Protection Program.
  First termiticide certified as a “Green Label” product by the Singapore Environment Council.


The Colony Management Effect
Agenda® works by killing termites, including those back at the colony. Contaminated termites have entered treated soil, pass it on the others in the termite colony, causing large numbers of termites in the colony to die. This is what we call "Colony Management" effect.



Agenda® Historical Usage in Singapore for the past 15 years
Agenda® is the first termiticide to be certified as a “Green Label” product by the Singapore Environment Council in 2002.


*data collected in 2016