Termite Protection

Termite infestation is a serious issue. Therefore, it is recommended to use a Pest Management Professional (PMP) to inspect your property. It is important to act quickly when there is an infestation. Choose a good product and a trained professional that would be able to provide an excellent termite control service.

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Termite Protection Options




Termite Protection Critical Factors for Existing Buildings

termite inspection
termite protection barrier
regular termite inspection


Seek for professional inspection
Engage your PMP to conduct a thorough inspection to identify termite activity. Your PMP will examine termite activity and advice to you the right way of controlling termites.

Choose the best non-repellent termiticide - Agenda®
Agenda has consistently proven to be extremely effective at eliminating termites in structures with ultra-low dosage. It contains active ingredient called fipronil. Contaminated termites transfer the active ingredient to other termites by contact, grooming and exchange of food. The transfer of Agenda to other members in the colony causes large number of termites to die – thus creating the “Colony Management” effect. For you, this means you can now create a protective zone around your home that will not only kill termites, but will manage the termite colony and last for 7 years.

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Schedule regular professional examination

After the treatment, you are advised to schedule regular termite check-ups by your PMP. PMP are highly trained, educated, experienced, and meticulous in their examinations to ensure the solutions are in place. They determine the presence of termites’ colony before you can. This is why scheduling regular termite inspections are so important.